About us


The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.

It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

– Albert Einstien

David Gumpper of the Gumpper Group, LLC

I founded the Gumpper Group because I am passionate about finding strategic opportunities in the complex world of technology.


The perceived complexity of technology is a distraction and difficulty for many business leaders. This is unfortunate because it is seldom necessary. The problem frequently lies in technology being viewed as purely tactical, isolated from business strategy, and fiercely territorialized by technologists.


My approached is focused on eliminating these hindrances.


I have over 24 years as a technologist, and I have deployed and managed information technology platforms for the University of Dentistry and Medicine of New Jersey, Ricoh Corporation, and Novartis Pharmaceuticals before moving to Florida in 2003. In 2003, I joined Michael Saunders & Company as Director of Information Technology to restructure and develop a customer focused technology division. Due to my accomplishments in delivering business success with technology, I was named Chief Technology Officer in 2015.


In 2013, I obtained my Florida real estate sales associate license so that I might better understand the working life of the real estate professionals I served. It also enabled my to work on industry-wide technology strategy in a volunteer capacity.


As a member of Multiple Listing Technology and Emerging Issues Advisory Board, Multiple Listing Issues & Policy Committee and Leading Edge Advisory Board for the National Association of Realtors I have been able to marry my technology expertise with broad strategic thinking.


My leadership and commitment to the industry continued when I was appointed to the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Marketing Technology Advisory Council (MTAC) in 2012 and was promoted to Vice-Chair in 2015. In 2016, I became Chair to assist LeadingRE in several initiatives.


In 2017, I was voted as a broker representative to the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO.org) Board of Directors. RESO is a non-profit voluntary organization to promote an open process in developing and promoting standards for real estate data.


I currently reside in Bradenton, FL with my wife Kelly. Kelly is employed by State College of Florida as a Financial Services Manager since 2005. Our eldest son, Ryan, is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Eshelman School of Pharmacy – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Our younger son, Evan, has completed his undergraduate studies in History at the University of South Florida and is consulting with the Gumpper Group.